The Amore Portofino - PRICE LIST

Brittany Corp : The Amore Portofino For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Lot Only ₱ 27,300,000 195 Other Cuts Available
Grand Lots ₱ 81,200,000 625 Other Cuts Available
Carletti ₱ 39,300,000 211 Other Cuts Available
Pietro ₱ 48,400,000 264 Other Cuts Available
Antonello ₱ 57,300,000 286 Other Cuts Available
Rafaello ₱ 64,900,000 292 Other Cuts Available
Ghiberti ₱ 73,600,000 349 Other Cuts Available
Lorenzo ₱ 32,200,000 177 Other Cuts Available
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 : Spot Cash with 10% discount
Option 2 : ( 20 – 80 Scheme )
20% DP over 12 months
80% Remaining balance payable thru BF


  • DP - Down Payment
  • BF - Bank Financing

Reservation Fee:

  • For Php 6M below - Php 50,000
  • For Php 6.1M to Php 10M - Php 100,000
  • Above Php 10M - Php 150,000

The Amore Portofino is the greatest investment you can make, for your family. You cannot simply go wrong with their amazing designs, and theme which makes your neighbourhood one of the best. Here are some of the reasons you ought to consider investing in buying one of the living spaces.

The location where the Amore Portofino has been developed is prime land. This means that you can easily be able to access it with ease. If anyone new is coming to your house they have the lowest probability to get lost. The theme of the community is great that incorporates the designs of the hoses where you get to choose from the three models. The houses have been built with Italian architecture in mind, thus creative a heavenly and unique fell once you walk in to the gate.

Amore provides you with every option that you need, in order to get what you desire in a home. For people looking into a lot to construct their own, are considered. You may also get to go for the best combination of interior finishes that goes along with what you prefer.

The developer of this community is well known with a great reputation, therefore earning the trust for most people to bring up lasting, and strong establishments. For the past 20 years, they have been in the construction industry providing the best services. Therefore, you can trust that the Amore Portofino is durable and will be your children’s pride some day.

At The Amore Portofino you get the best privacy and seclusion with the cluster concept.  Only four houses, share the same landscape with a fountain at the front. This provides all the kids the best space to play and keep one another company. For other amenities, they are magnificent and meet the world class requirement. This real estate also provides business people the ultimate chance to make the most returns through their investment. Hurry while the spaces are available to make your investment.


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